PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE: Health Promotion and Public Health Custom Paper

Cannabis use soars in Indigenous communities
For your case study (above), as a local health promotion officer you are to design a health promotion/ prevention program aimed to achieve change at an individual or behavioral level by systematically and logically consider:
1 -setting; target group of their program
2 – desired outcome or goal and objectives (preferably framed as SMART goal and objectives)
3 – strategies* by which objectives can be achieved. (Do not consider policy, advocacy or partnership-based strategies; we will cover this later on).
In addressing the above points you need to briefly articulate the steps or planning process or model you used to guide its thinking and planning. Do not simply describe your program elements but provide the rationale underpinning these elements.Make sure that the program goal, objectives and strategies are all logically linked to achieve the desired outcome.
Design your program in a way that is realistic, achievable, and measurable. If it helps your
deliberation, you might like to propose a budget for your program. evidence to inform your stated
objectives and the chosen strategies – but keep this limited – a literature review is NOT required.
You may need to make some assumptions – please be explicit about them.
Incorporate some of the key health promotion attributes discussed in the tutorials so far in program
goal, objectives and strategies.
* Strategies are the methods for achieving the stated objectives. Evidence-based program
development is to identify what methods could be used to achieve the stated objectives and what
methods are most effective. Activities are discrete set of tasks or steps to be done in order to put
a strategy into action.

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