Psychology of Falling in love Custom Paper

This paper is in a cognitive psychology class and, therefore, should be geared toward the cognitive aspects of falling in love. In this paper, you should first review the relevant empirical evidence that relates to your topic. Synthesize existing research: talk about how it fits together, how it supports or contradicts each other. What research is missing? How could the literature be extended? Don’t just list summaries of articles you read – tie them together. You are entering a conversation with the literature in the field.
After reviewing the relevant existing research on your topic, you should then propose a new study. Talk about what research is needed. What kind of participant population would you need? How would you recruit them? How would you implement the study and what do you expect it to show? What would be the implications of the results? The more detailed you are, the better. Be creative!
Finally, make sure you explain how your proposed study would fit in with what you talked about in the first part of the paper. Make sure you follow APA ethics guidelines in your proposed study. Your paper must be in APA 6th edition style, including font, margins, spacing, title page, abstract, citations, running head, references. Do not skip lines between paragraphs. Don’t use contractions.
Your paper must include at least 8 recent, peer-reviewed, relevant empirical journal articles (do NOT use dissertations).

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