Proposal about a habit that people do Custom Paper

Arguing Through Texts
“If men within themselves would be governed by reason and not generally give up their
understanding to a double tyranny of custom from without and blind affections within, they would
discern better what it is to favor and uphold the tyrant of a nation.” – John Milton, The Tenure of
Kings and Magistrates
Choose a Custom to question. Historicize this Custom, make an argument for why it should no
longer be followed, and provide a practical and detailed revision for a replacement Custom.
In a thesis driven, argumentative essay, argue why your chosen Custom should no longer be
followed and how it should be altered to fit into today’s society. Using your own personal research,
address this issue in an objective manner without using any personal narrative. As this is an
argumentative essay, the goal of your writing should be to persuade your audience to agree with
your position.
The purpose of this essay is to convey to your audience why Customs should not be blindly
followed. Certain Customs are in effect because they are handed down from generation to
generation but do not necessarily apply to today’s societal needs. It is your job to question these
Customs and provide a logical argument as to why others should question these Customs as well.

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