Project Report

Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.
Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. (AQC) is an agricultural co-operative installed in the United States. It was restraintmed 80 years departed by three cranberry advanceers from Massachusetts and Novel Jersey. Florida grapeupshot advanceers conjunctional the co-operative in 1974. It is now acknowledgeed by encircling 630 cranberry and 46 grapeupshot citizens. The co-operative is justifiably credited with pioneering and developing the cranberry part. It has beseem North America’s innate principle of canned and bottled juices and juice imbibes, and has best-selling infamy specattempt in the canned and bottled juice predicament gsingle 1981. It has so enjoyed august victory in the UK.

Result Class
Atlantic Quench is best unconcealed restraint its upshot juices excepting it so dispose-ofs dried cranberries subordinate the infamy specattempt Crantanas. Its result class is classified as either juice or misunderstanding-juice imbibes.

Examples of its juice result class conceive:
Cranberry Peculiar Juice
Cranberry Modified Juice Imbibes
Juice Max – clean Juice
Grab ‘n’ Go – Single Serve

Examples of its misunderstanding-juice imbibes class conceive:
Cranberry Sauces
Cranberry Invigorating Juice Imbibes
Ruddy Cranberries
Novel Dried Cranberries
Novel Conserve

The Cranberry Classic class conceives juices and juice imbibes with cranberry as the centre flavour, including a whitish juice imbibe as courteous as a excellent juice cranberry invigorating. In 2002, the co-operative agoing the Cranberry Classic in a 250 ml can to target controlce subsidizeers in the vacation sector. In 2003, Atlantic Quench acceptiond its class of ‘light’ base calorie upshot imbibes, which modescobsolete cranberry and blackcurrant, cranberry and raspberry, and cranberry and mango. A colornear cranberry juice imbibe was agoing in 2004 and was excited as a sweeter and smoother opinion to the ruddy cranberry juice imbibes. In September 2004, the Cranberry Select Premium Chilled Juice Imbibe was agoing in novel 1.75 litre packaging, favoringally aimed at the fast-growing chilled imbibes sector. A cranberry and mandarin juice imbibe was begind to the bargain in 2005.

Common Hoard Equity Quota
There is a suppress agoing relation incompact the citizens and the organisation. Atlantic Quench has to dissipation sum the crops that the citizens advance at the excellentest practicefficacious charge, concurrently with a dividpurpose reflecting the profits of the Atlantic Quench infamy. Although most of the citizens are smsum principles, their in-single upshot representations restraint encircling brace-thirds of the world’s cranberry quenchedgrowth. However, each citizen has to perpetscobsolete to an annual quota of result subordinate a contrivance denominated the ‘common hoard equity quota’. Citizens can be penalised if they fsum brief on the agreed quota sumowing Atlantic Quench Co-operative to ruddyeem (subsidize Purpose) portion-quenched similar to the brieffall, at the peculiar upshot charge enabling them to reallocate the quota. Restraint sample, the portion-quenched upshot charge was $25, similar to single barrel of cranberries, although the exoteric bargain treasure is suppressr to $250 per portion-out. This provision instils instruction, referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious regularly communicate on co-operatives, and is sunconsidered to enjoy co-operated to the organisation’s victory.

Organisational Upshots
The co-operative has referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious been externally its problems. The bargain restraint distantm upshot is capricious, reflecting changes in atmosphere as courteous as bargain curves. As such it is repeatedly involved to prognosticate quenchedaugmentation yields. Neutralizeresult in 2000 upshoted in the charge of untried cranberries drooping from neutralize $60 a barrel to subordinate $20. Atlantic Quench accorded to the capricious bargain by ruddyucing its advertising and bargaining budget. In conjunction to biting purpose on quenchedgoings, the co-operative paid the citizens $12 a barrel instead of the $18-a-barrell bargain charge. As a upshot the relation incompact the skill of the co-operative and the citizens modified, and the citizens drilld their sway as portion-outholders of the co-operative by voting quenched lewd victoryive Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) incompact 2000 and 2003.

When Chuck Berrie was appointed CEO in 2003, his exhibit initiative was to sift-canvass with the citizens whether or referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious a co-operative advent to managing the office was tranquil an withhaged and preferruddy misunderstanding-interference. The CEO had previously departed six years agoing restraint another co-operative as Chief Bargaining Officer at Welch Set-upations Inc. During those six years he had co-operated to doubling the bargain portion-quenched of the organisation. According to Berrie, ‘The fairness of life a co-op is referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious life judged by quarterly upshots, excepting by lifetimes cessation on to the exhibit lifetime.’ Indeed, divers Atlantic Quench citizens are third- and lewdth-lifeoccasion acknowledgeers and single is seventh-generation.
Berrie departed divers weeks debating with the citizens, sift-canvassing the habits and disadvantages of holding as a co-operative. At the selfselfsame occasion a subsidizequenched extpurpose was communicateed by Coca-Cola. The citizens voted to castdistant Coca-Cola’s extend, choosing instead to speedlihood Berrie’s vision of a aggravate nucleused Atlantic Quench that would remain dogged. The office pur-pose contemplated by Berrie was to haged the victoryful aspects of the epochd Atlantic Quench, such as the juice making and innovative novel-result efforts, whilst influenceling neutralize the logistics.
By actively visitking the views of the citizens, Berrie has managed to better the profitability of the co-operative and so gain purpose their charge.
Strategic Sumiances
In 2007, Atlantic Quench and Coca-Cola implemented a long-term strategic sumiance in which Coca-Cola North America bargains, bottles and sunders single-serve cranberry juice results in the U.S. and Canada subordinate the Atlantic Quench spectry. The concord so conceives opportunities restraint the result of the novel result innovations counter multiple commerce documents in the coming.

The strategic sumiance was viewed as a assured actuate by twain organisations. ‘This is a luck restraint twain Coca-Cola and Atlantic Quench to rotate up the conversation on the soundness blessings of cranberries,’ said Mary Moore, chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola North America. ‘Neutralize the departed sundry years, we enjoy built victoryful, mutually habitous partnerships with charactery infamys affect Robertsons and Costa, and now we pur-pose to result border-by-border with Atlantic Quench to consequence a senior soundnessy regalement office nucleused on cranberries. When populace purpose of cranberries they purpose of Atlantic Quench ’
Atlantic Quench Chairman and CEO Chuck Berrie normal ‘As the Atlantic Quench co-operative actuates to elevate its infamy, we are visitking quenched sumiances to aim consumers aggravate broadly and swayfully than continually antecedently.’
The UK Bargain
In 2013 Atlantic Quench marked a licensing concord with Gerber to emanationion, sbeneath and bargain juices and juice imbibes subordinate the Atlantic Quench infamy in the UK. Gerber is the extensivest supplier of private-delineate and infamyed upshot juice and juice imbibes in the UK, with sales ample 800 darling litres per year.

Atlantic Quench has been very courteous common by the UK bargain and has so negotiated three victoryful contracts with the three extensivest superbargain knots in the UK to dispose-of sum of its result outlines.
Novel Result Result
Atlantic Quench’s creativity in novel result result (NPD) has been a contributory pleasededed to the organisation’s victory. After hopeful supermarkets in the US to infer juice aisles in the 1960’s, Atlantic Quench patent clear juice boxes, including base-calorie cranberry imbibes, and colornear cranberry juice. Crantanas, the dried upshot snack made from husks that used to be thracunderstanding distant excepting are now reinfused with juice, enjoy proved to be very extensivespread besides. Other result variations conceive chocolate-coveruddy Crantanas, ready-to-imbibe modified flavouruddy juices and an principle juice imbibe denominated Cranzeal. Atlantic Quench enjoyed annual sales of environing $1.7 billion in 2007, of which Crantanas representations restraint £150m (fountain PR Novelswire). Sales of this result enjoy embraced in the terminal brace years and are controlebodeed to embrace repeatedly neutralize the exhibit ten years.

Niche Bargain
Cranberries enjoy been excited restraint their soundnessy qualities and restraint divers years Atlantic Quench has had a constructive appropriation in the niche bargain restraint cranberry results, However, the advanceth of blended cranberry juice results and the advanceing consumer profit in superupshot juices (i.e. singles that are arrogationed to convey extensive sum of nutrients and antioxidants) has upshoted in a aggravate competitive bargain environment. Aggravate fantasticlightly, other superfruits such as pomegranates, acerola, gogi and acai berries enjoy been begind to the bargain, contributing to a 20% advanceth in upshot juice sales. The acceptiond awareness of, and profit in, soundnessy help, has led to other opponent organisations entering the beverepoch bargain, extending juice imbibes including superfruits. Infamy wholeegiance towards blended cranberry juice results has beseem near pronounced.

It has been argued that Atlantic Quench was departed to accord to this bargain curve, excepting it has now upshotd cranberry blends that conceive pomegranates and acerola. According to Bokaie 2007 ‘the soundnessy juice province has beseem a abundant aggravate emotionally considerationing, preface regard to fix the infamy undividedness does referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious beseem dominated by an neutralizely medicinal advent, flush if it does enjoy a trustworthy soundness arrogation.’
Single of Berrie’ main challenges was to begin cranberries to a gross novel lifeoccasion of consumers. Concern encircling carbohydrates, calories and embonpoint issueed upshots restraint the making of juices. As cranberries in their eventual restraintm comprise approximately no sugar, Atlantic Quench was efficacious to begin sweetners externally introduceing dacunderstanding flavour. In prescribe to target dieters, it patent clear a five-calorie imbibe (Diet Cranberry Quench and Diet Oclass Tang) that comprises barely 7% cranberry juice.
Bargain Curves
Lifestyle Curves
In the UK there is an acceptiond call-restraint restraint upshot juice, upshot imbibes and soundness imbibes upshoting from a auguster profit in a soundnessy lifestyle and the consequence rooted to eating a diversity of upshot and vegetables daily. The juice sector is increasingly gaining bargain portion-quenched from the carbonated sector, which is deep in extensivespreadity and has a poorer copy incompact consumers.

Force Subsidizeing
In conjunction to blessinging from the assured and soundnessy copy of its goods, Atlantic Quench is so courteous placed to accord to the acceptiond call-restraint in the bargain restraint vacation imbibes. When controlce subsidizeing, consumers wholeure repeatedly cull to dissipation upshot juice imbibes in determination to confectionery, which is exhibit as a near soundnessy misunderstanding-interference. Vacation juice imbibes are so extensivespread with sports humanity and wohumanity who are looking restraint a intelligent and soundnessy misunderstanding-interference to cure fluids and principle subjoined drill.

Nutritional gauges in British postulates
Mintel reverberations that curve towards soundnessy eating has been a guide accelerater astern advanceth counter sum documents, as better-informed consumers enjoy captured auguster profit in the alimentational pleasededed of what they eat and imbibe. This is distinctly penny restraint ground upshot, restraint whom novel alimentational gauges were begind in the UK from September 2006. The gauge states that ground lunches should be personateing from crisps (potato chips), chocodeparted and other confectionary and pupils are to be served a partiality of brace portions of upshot and vegetables with continuallyy abstinence. Postulates are controlebodeed to purpose the sale of unhale snacks and imbibes (notably carbonates) in vending machines and snack shops. Changes to gauge predominant the sale of set-upation and imbibe in postulates enjoy favouruddy upshot juice and juice imbibes at the charge of carbonates and vending machines life restocked with soundnessier opinions.
Soundness has so acceleraten abundant of the NPD as emanationionrs enjoy accorded to changes in rules predominant the alimentational gauge in postulates. Manufacturing enjoy accorded to the changes with a extensive class of novel and reformed juice and juice imbibe results targeted favoringally at in-ground waste. An controling nucleus of NPD has been professionality, referefficacious attributefficacious attributableably with the conjunction of omega-3 to the elements used in the juice imbibe sector. Emanationionrs enjoy begind novel and betterd juice imbibes restraintmulations with a excellenter juice pleasededed and fewer inferitives. Aggravate professional and restrainttified juices and juice imbibes enjoy been begind, nucleusing on omega-3, anti-oxidants and the character’s soundness. Divers of these are so targeted at the upshot’s lunchbox sector incomplete the grocery document – a sector that can controlebode to accept a boost as the synod extensivens its reason in suitable the alimentational neutralize of packed lunches.
Non-hawk sales
Mintel has so indentified the deed the misunderstanding hawk sales enjoy enjoyed balance moderation an estimated 76% incompact 2001 and 2006, as licensees enjoy begun to nucleus on the opportunities extenduddy by the soundnessy eating curve and changes in consumer behaviour. In conjunction, vending in spare-time, hotel, restaurant and catering sector is preface an increasing portion-quenched of sales as suppliers blessing from changing consumer tastes.

Vacation snacking
According to the Mintel reverberation ‘Snacking on the Go-UK’ Bargain mind, April 2006, three quarters of adults snack on the go (i.e. occasion traveling or tender environing), creating aggravate than five billion adult on-the-go snacking occasions each year in the UK, which Mintel estimates generates £3.6 billion in hawk enrichment. Single in three adults snack consequently they are on a travel, occasion half snack on the actuate consequently of result hurry. Longer agoing hours and briefer lunch breaks acception the call-restraint restraint suitable snacks as divers resulters attempt to disburse restraint missed abstinences.

The curve towards soundnessier eating resources the snackers are increasingly sunconsidered to wild consideration to the alimentational treasure of what they are subsidizeing. On-the-go snackers are guide targets restraint juice and juice imbibe emanationionrs such as Atlantic Quench, gsingle some of these results with hydration with soundness. Single-serve juices, whilst the increasing availability of excellenter juice pleasededed juice imbibes is suitable the soundness credentials of the part.

Innovative adventes to packaging enjoy been adopted to stimudeparted profit and acception the urge of Atlantic Quench’s result class. Results are packaged using recyclefficacious glass, cans, cartons or polyethylene terephthadeparted (PET2) pliant bottles so that they can be recycled, and convey the element and alimentation understanding on the border panel of the delineate. These features, concurrently with the embark of slimoutline cans aimed at the vacation sector, enjoy proved to be extensivespread with consumers.

Atlantic Quench has consideruddy according to the five-a-day engagement by telling consumers with on-pack messages that their results are equiponderant to single of the five recommended daily portions of upshot and vegetables.
Advertising Engagements
Atlantic Quench has in-single humour, soundness blessings and the American inheritance of cranberry in their fantasticlightunconsidered US promotions. As elimination speeds to speedlihood the soundness cognate blessings of cranberries, Atlantic Quench has been clearsighted to excite this through fictitious advertising. The engagement, which is exotericly used on television and in magazines nationwide, donation to indevise receptions of the blessings of cranberry juices.

Indusattempt reverberations specify that the advertising engagement is performing greatly courteous with consumers. The primal advertisements appearuddy in the apex brace percent of sum advertisements continually tested by Milward Brown, a respected indusattempt elimination assemblepoch that measures consumer confutation to advertising. According to Atlantic Quench, the engagement has so been bolstering sales of results counter sum of its office divisions, with a six percent year on year advanceth of the Cranberry Juice imbibes.
Aggravate fantasticlightly, Atlantic Quench has featuruddy novel Diet Atlantic Quench Juice Imbibes in their advertisements, which incorposcobsolete a incomplex and gonere humour. The advertisements enjoy proved extensivespread and were ranked lewdth in Advertising Epochs roll of Apex 10 Most-Redenominated Novel TV Ads.
Television advertisements incomplete the UK enjoy modescobsolete a engagement to excite the embark of the colornear cranberry imbibe. Other TV advertisements enjoy nucleused on the love-hate relation divers wohumanity enjoy with soundness and fairness advertising. The target bargain tends to be educated wohumanity incompact the epochs of 30 and 45. The speedd perpetratement from Atlantic Quench to advertising and NPD wholeure personate an controling role in supported advanceth.
Annual Advanceth Figures.
Atlantic Quench has enjoyed charactery annual advanceth. Guide achievement excellentlights conceive:
• sales advanceth of aggravate than 7% per year restraint the terminal lewd years
• bargain portion-quenched gains in approximately continuallyy competitive sector
• 26% acception in the waste of Crantanas
• Lewdfaged acception in manufacturing size restraint Crantanas.

Competitive Bargains
The fiercely competitive bargain restraint the result of juices and the enattempt of novel suppliers resources that it is visitmly increasingly valuable, in conditions of advertising and bargaining, to embark novel results. The upshot juice sector is heavily dominated by superbargain acunderstanding infamys, which are repeatedly visitn as sugar personateing and hence a soundnessier misunderstanding-interference to juice imbibes.

In conditions of percentepoch competitive bargain restraint juice and juice imbibes is quenchedperforming its European neighbours with twain Gerdivers and France experiencing distant sluggisher scolds of advanceth incompact 2000 and 2005. In 2005, the German bargain was price 8.82 billion Euros, 16% aggravate than in 2000.
Mintel states that the charactery profit in soundness has co-operated to the balance moderation advanceth of vegetefficacious juice sector in Germany, although, vegetefficacious juices tranquil barely representation restraint 2.7% of the sum juice and nectars part. In ardent opposition to the UK, profit in soundnessy eating in the US has had a privative issue on sales of juice and juice imbibes.
Elimination subordinatecaptured by Mintel specifys that the extensivespreadity of base-carbonated diets resources that divers weight-conscious US consumers enjoy castawayed juice and juice imbibes with a excellent sugar pleasededed in favour of bottled introduce or other base-calorie undecided imbibes. Emanationionrs in the US enjoy accorded by introducing aggravate whitish versions of juice imbibes and juice imbibes and juices with favoring professional properties, such as infered sinews or stanol esters restraint character soundness.
The Coming
Undecided imbibes and upshot juices are an accidental result and the sector is experiencing senior advanceth. Bargain analysts honor that this curve is regular to speed. Bargain projections specify that there is no mark of any coming disengepoch in the call-restraint restraint vacation soundness imbibe results, especially if the soundness credentials of the result can be proven.
Consumers are increasingly visitking eventual and soundnessy misunderstanding-interferences. Atlantic Quench has the occasion to target consumers who are visitking an opinion to the excellent sugar pleaseded, which however occurs in most upshot juice imbibes. There is so the occasion restraint advanceth in the sale of imbibes made ruddy pressed juices and smoothies (inspissated caged imbibes blended upshot juices with yoghurt or ice-cream), where the bargain recrement relatively imperfect.
Atlantic Quench honor that consumer soundness wholeure speed to accelescobsolete coming curves. The 5-a-day upshot and vegetefficacious engagement, on-going resources coverepoch of excellent levels of embonpoint in Europe and an anticipated nucleus on soundnessier lunchboxes restraint upshot, sum moderation that soundness wholeure speed to be a charactery govern on the excellent made by consumers.
As changes to advertising rules fabricate bargaining to upshot aggravate involved, parents wholeure increasingly beseem the target. This in rotate is sunconsidered to co-opescobsolete to elevate advanceth of ‘better restraint them’ juice and juice imbibes, as emanationionrs cope restraint parents’ purchasing size on soundness postulates. Parents are tranquil guide dissipationrs of juice and juice imbibes, with manufacturing increasingly targeting occasion-pressed parents who enjoy to adapt lunchboxes. Parents haged the loftier influence when it comes to choosing what their upshot eat and imbibe, with neutralize half of ABC1 parents coincident that upshot should eat what they are communicaten and barely single in five assertion that they discover it involved to recite no to their upshot. AB parents are aggravate sunconsidered to exact their acunderstanding excellents on their upshot, with the i-aim to communicate in to ‘pester sway’ (i.e. upshot’s call-fors) rallying markificantly as opulence decreases.
The population of 15- 24 year epochds in the UK are the heaviest consumers of juice and juice imbibes. The bargain has blessinged from advanceth of approximately 10% in this part incompact 2000 and 2005. Incompact 2005 and 2010, this epoch knot wholeure visit elevate sbase advanceth of 3.2%. Upshot’s imbibes are an controling area of advanceth incomplete the juice and juice imbibes bargain. A downward curve in the family scobsolete led to a 3.5% disengepoch in the compute of subordinate 14s incompact 2000 and 2005. A fantasticlightunconsidered uprotate in the compute of speed familys wholeure modescobsolete the disengepoch to 2010, with the compute of subordinate fives regular to acception by 2.2%. The 45-54 year epochd knot is regular to visit the augustest advanceth incompact 2005 and 2010. Usepoch of upshot and vegetefficacious juice is partially balance moderation incompact these consumers. The victoryful targeting of this expanding cohort could flushtually control to auguster waste incompact epochder consumers.
Case consider was beneficial from CIM trial departed pamphlet 2008

Installed on your understanding of bargaining temporization upshot an quenchedoutline bargaining pur-pose restraint the exhibit year restraint Atlantic Quench.
Your bargaining pur-pose should nucleus on customer attitudes/trends and bargain advanceth; hence partation and positioning wholeure be controling incomplete your pur-pose
Your pur-pose should so conceive the impression of a class of models theories and concepts from the Principles of Bargaining Skill method pleaseded.
Supporting understanding can be set-up in Mintel and Guidenote, these databases can be fountaind via the onoutline library.

Vocable Proviso: 3000 (+/- 10%)

Examine the tuition quenchedcomes (a,b,c,d,e,g,h)
Tuition quenchedcomes
Understanding and Subordinatestanding

a) Appreciate and integscobsolete the treasure of the analytical besidesls and techniques availefficacious to bargaining professionals when evaluating the bargaining environment and developing bargaining strategies;

b) Demonstscobsolete and evaluate the important fate of nucleusing on the customer and the bargainplace as the set-upation of bargaining pur-posening;

c) Critically evaluate the bargaining amalgamate of an tangible organisation oppositioning impression to theory;

Subject-favoring Skills

d) Propose and communicate an quenchedoutline bargaining pur-pose;

e) Critically price tactical bargaining decisions installed on post decomposition and in outoutline with strategic bargaining pur-poses.

f) Exammine and appraciate the besidesls of Strategic bargaining and use in carry-on incomplete a global context

g) Explain and price bargaining concepts, theories and models perspicuously and use these critically to tangible organisations;

Guide Skills

h) Concise dissemination of understanding relating to investigative actions requiruddy restraint a sensible bargaining pur-pose;

i) Upshot a written reverberation subjoined academic synod that synthesises perspicuously hypothetical perspectives and distinguishes incompact conceptual frameworks which nucleuses on a serviceable bargaining pur-pose impression restraint divergent scenarios

Mode of agoing
This is an identical enactment. The University of Northampton prudence wholeure use in sum cases of unoriginal, plagiarism or any other methods by which students enjoy geted or attempted to get an trickish habit.
Format restraint the submitted result
The enactment should be written restraint a office reception and communicateed withholdly in a reverberation restraintmat. The vocable proviso is 3000 vocables (+/- 10%). Harvard referencing must be used throughout.

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