Project Case Study: The Banana Tree Travel Agency Custom Essay

The Banana Tree Ramble Agency a fine ramble agency has been growing and they firm to enlarge their agency. There has been a fate of probefit in the ramble agency’s tours to Egypt. To reform ceward their customers, the audience has firm to enlarge their agency interpolitically and lease an employment in Cairo. Brace ramble agents conciliate be launched in that employment. The brace ramble agents would scarcity upstart
workstations and a printer alike concurrently as courteous as internet affinity and would besides scarcity to sometimes vary files with the ocean employment in Miami Florida.

In adduction to adding the interpolitical employment, John Wrighwing has leased an neighboring employment construction. He has firm to progeny 10 of his ramble agents among the leased construction. There conciliate be individual Functional Aide in the construction with the ramble agents. He is besides adding a meeting admission with a contrivanceor.

The ramble agents who conciliate be in the leased construction entertain relatively upstart employmentstations entire vulgar Windows Vista. He wants three printers and adductional interval ce 5 upstart agents who conciliate employment twain in and quenched of the employment. The agents from Construction “A” conciliate besides scarcity to employment at times in Construction “B”.

The functional staff and the other ramble agents in the primary construction entertain a amalgamate of computers, some of the computers are vulgar Windows XP, some are vulgar Windows Vista, and there is stagnant individual vulgar Windows 2000. Group “A” is joyous with their computers and with the network. Twain networks entertain their confess Internet affinitys.

The Challenge:

• Setting up the netemployment and having the networks in twain constructions declare with each other.

• Setting up the employment in Cairo and having the computers and printer networked concurrently.

• The Ramble agents entire scarcity to secure daily printed reports which conciliate be hence from the peculiar

construction (Construction A).

• What are some solutions to secureting twain networks communicating with each other and having an manageable transition?

• What are some solutions of sending files from the interpolitical employment in Cairo to the ocean employment in Miami?

• If using wireless infer the latitude.

• What hardware would you reason?

Contrivance Instructions:

Respond to each of the contrivance requirements and yield entire employment to the Dropbox as a solitary

file. Note: This contrivance contains three disconnected volume – learn the rubrics.

Contrivance requirements:

1. Show individual model each of a Class A netemployment IP oration, a Class B netemployment IP oration, and

a Class C netemployment IP oration. Explain what each duty of the oration tells you in each predicament.

2. Reason the item 6 seminar/contrivance predicament scenario (above) and reason Visio 2007 to produce a

diagram ce the netemployment topology. Briefly argue which cunning would best bebefit the client’s scarcitys.

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