PROFESSIONALS IN HEALTH CARE: Occupations known as ‘professions’ are thought to have their foundations in the learning and application of expert knowledge. How does the dominance of professions in health care organisations support and/or obstruct organisational learning? Custom Paper


First :I have to consider theory on the professions and professionalisation.
1- In this part we have to say What do we mean by profession?
* Then; The theory of profession in general … There are a number of theories that attempt to explain how some occupations have achieved and maintain or lose a privileged market position. These include:
Trait theory
Professional project
Gender – professions are male projects
2- Then : I have to say about HEALTH CARE Professions
3- I have to answer the question :What is unique about the ‘professional bureaucracy’?

Second: I have to explain about .. The medical profession dominates the division of labour in health care. What does this mean for the work and status of the other occupations?
• I have to say Doctors are dominant in power
• Managers fit in healthcare ( making good use)
• I must talk about New Public Management
• Talk about hybrid manager ( doctors work as managers)
• Then talk about how doctors are been criticised that they don’t have managerial skills

Third: What does organisational learning involve?
o Describe the process of organisational learning and the structural and cultural factors that support it
o Apply the Sociology of Professions to evaluate the opportunities and barriers to continuous organisational learning in health care organisations
o What we know about organisational learning in Healthcare?
o how the dominance of professions in health care organisations supports and/or obstructs organisational learning.

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