Problem and Solution First Completed Draft Due Wednesday 4/24, Beginning of Class Custom Paper

Final Copy Due Wednesday 5/8, Beginning of Class

Your task for the final paper is a simple one: define a problem in rich detail, then propose a solution to that problem. As with the last paper, this one will fall into basically two halves.
The first half is the presentation of the problem, where you will present some kind of problem, bringing a variety of credible academic sources and experts together to create a coherent definition of the problem. Then, in the proposal of the solution, you will present a specific, debatable thesis that provides a potential solution to the problem, then defend it with ample evidence. The last piece of the puzzle is that you will have a target audience for this paper:
a person or organization that could put your proposed solution into action. In other words, you need to adapt your writing and your evidence to the audience that you select.

Your first order of business will be to identify an interesting, specific problem that you would like to address. Although I have no formal limitations on the problems that you can choose to attempt to solve, I do have some guidelines for you to follow to avoid troubles when it comes to writing. Do not choose something huge (world hunger, war in the Middle East, the US economy). You can’t adequately solve such a problem in 5-7 pages. Do not choose something that requires no research. Remember you’ll have to incorporate at least 5 sources into your paper. Get creative with your paper: choose a problem that no one else would think to solve, if you can. Your thesis should be your specific, debatable solution to the problem.

Keep in mind the following as you start working on this assignment:
■ Have some fun with this paper. Your problem does not have to be terribly serious.
■ Your solution should be unique to you; don’t propose a solution that others have
already presented for your specific problem.
Your paper must meet the
following requirements:
■ 5 FULL pages in length minimum, 7 pages maximum.
■ Use at least 7 credible, relevant sources. Include in-text citations and a Works
Cited/References page.
■ 1-inch margins, size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced.
■ MLA or APA formatting.
■ Must include a title.
A successful paper will look something like this. An introduction that presents the basic problem and your
unique thesis that proposes a solution: 2-3 pages that richly illustrates all the relevant aspects of the
problem; your proposed solution followed by 2-3 pages supporting your solution with evidence that will
convince your target audience.

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