Primary Sources and how they should be read by historians of Nazi Germany Custom Paper

The goal of the assignment is to evaluate the nature, usefulness, and trustworthiness of memoirs as primary sources and how these should be read by historians of Nazi Germany.

Analyze Solomon Perel’s Europa, Europa in the wider history of Nazi Germany and Europe in “total war.”
-How does the memoir illustrate both the inclusionary power as well as the exclusionary premise of the German “national community”
-How does Perel’s account reveal the contradictions of Nazi racial thinking?
-Did the ability to negotiate and cross Nazi racial categories vary for different groups?
Assess the strengths and limits of Perel’s unique perspective as a primary source for historians, and compare his account with at least one other primary source used in the course (sources to be uploaded later. There are additional sources I can also upload if the writer is unable to find another primary source to compare it to sufficiently). Besides the additional primary source, use at least three secondary sources from course materials to give context to your paper. All sources must be cited using footnotes in the above style.

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