Prepare a power point presentation for senior high school students, Your presentation is about law and ethics in health care, for students who are planning on studying and entering the health care professions Custom Paper

Provide at least 3 core points on each of the following topics. Include health care contracts, negligence, employment legalities, public duties to report, a list of the 5 Schedules of Controlled Substances, and basic rules of dealing with death and dying in the health care profession.
In addition to the above, include a slide or two on ONE topic or subject of your choosing. It could be anything we have discussed or read about, a news item or story on a relevant topic, a personal observation, or any thing that you find interesting about law and ethics in health care.
Graphics/illustrations are not required for each and every slide. Your assignment will be marked on clarity/visual appeal, comprehensiveness in covering the topics listed above, mastery of the material as evidenced by both accuracy and the ability to determine the primary learning points of each topic, and creativity/relevance of your final optional topic.
I won’t count the slides, but I would be imagine no less than 10 at the lowest, or 30 at the most.

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