PowerPoint Presentation; Components of Course Evaluation Custom Essay

This week, you allure fashion a PowerPoint grant to aid you just restraint your Final Paper. Succumb a 10-slide (except style and intimation slides) PowerPoint grant that supplys an overview of your examination thus remote restraint your Final Paper. Utilize at lowest four to five peer-reviewed sources published among the terminal five years, cited according to APA restraintmat as outlined. These should be sources that you accept adventitious restraint portraiture in your Final Paper and should be cited on a intimation slide. Refer to the Final Paper quick in Week Six of your manner or the “Components of Manner Evaluation” exception of this pilot restraint further denomination of the elements listed under.

Your Powerpoint grant must include:
I. Style Slide
a. Student’s name
b. Manner style/number
c. Schoolmaster’s name
d. Date
II. Introduction
a. Statement of Problem
III. Examination Sources
a. An segregation of at lowest couple published examination studies kindred to your separated topic
IV. Conclusion

V. Intimation slide
a. All citations must be in APA restraintmat
Your PowerPoint grant slides must:
1. Be sequenced and arranged obviously.
2. Accept a acquitted, close series of ideas.
3. Accept bullet points or condensed sentences, referable consolidated paragraphs.
4. Accept pertinent visuals, such as graphs, tables, postulates summaries, probe and/or airlines which improve mind of concepts, ideas, and relationships.
5. Accept a accordant thesis, restraintmat, and font which raise the learnability.
Restraint tips on creating an laudable grant, learn this overview.

You must succumb a Word instrument that contains the identical notice as your style slide, so your schoolmaster can supply you with feedback on your grant.


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