Policy and Practice of Assessment Custom Paper

� Get feedback from a peer, making sure that you make clear notes or get something written
from them;
� Have some discussion about how this has helped you or not and perhaps how you could do it
better? (Expect that this process is messy, awkward, embarrassing, unfocused etc.)
� Before you forget make some notes on what this felt like (enjoyable? embarrassing?
� Where necessary rewrite/improve on your section 1 draft;
� In writing this up describe significant incidents and reflect on what you learned from this
experience, especially how your section 1 has improved – it does not need to have been a positive
experience, but make sure that you do not name your peers.
Portfolio section 3: Spreading and Embedding
c. 1000 words
3. Analyse the real or potential barriers to peer and self assessment and how they might be
addressed, making appropriate links to the literature. You need to consider some of the following:
� Following on from the penultimate bullet in section 2 how do you explain your thoughts and
feelings about self and peer assessment?
� Were the assessment criteria helpful and unambiguous or difficult to interpret?
� Did it take more time?
� Could peer and self-assessment be used more commonly in your programme or indeed is it
already used?
� Is peer and self-assessment motivating or does it threaten an objective assessment of standards?
� Would all staff be able to adopt it?
� Has it had any impact on your view of learning or yourself as a learner?
Use the literature on peer and self assessment (e.g. Cowie, Blanchard) to help make sense of your

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