Physical Layer and LANs Custom Essay

Leonard Cooper Charter Educe is a K-12 educe with almost 1,000 students. The educe wants to educe a topical area network that confronts the needs of the educe now and is scalable control the coming. There entertain been crowded complaints environing the press and reliability of the network, distinctly since a upstart observation to the fabric was added a rare years tail.
Your Role and Assignment
You are the systems director tight by Leonard Cooper to upgrade the topical area network to confront the ever-increasing needs of the fabric’s students and donation members. Your leading business is to confabulation explanation stakeholders to individualize what the explanation areas of matter are.
The charter educe’s CEO has requested your succor in updating the network to confront the demands of the fabric’s donation members and students. Your lesson is to confabulation the explanation stakeholders and to procure exercise to cure the issues that they entertain.
Write a couple to three page proposition orationing each of the stakeholder matters. Correction the technologies adown control the areas of matter. All of the technologies listed adown accomplish referable be correctiond, so be considerate with your choices. You must correction undivided of the solutions adown to oration each area of matter. Be favoring in your responses, and exonerate the correction of each technology naturalized upon the matter.


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