Phospholipase C Signalling: “Literature Review”,I need a literature review, for the topic: “Phospholipase C signaling pathway” Custom Paper

Phospholipase C signalling

“literature review”,I need a literature review, for the topic: “Phospholipase C signaling pathway” format (single sided, single-spaced, 12-point font). with Title page, peer reviewed literature/ articles only, the first page should be the literature review (refer to the question below to have ideas on what to write on this part)the other part construct a table (one page only) showing the history of discovery of the pathway, with an emphasis on the most recent discovery, be sure to attribute to the researchers who originally published the discovery.

What is the purpose of the signaling pathway? How does it operate? To what extent is the pathway conserved across species? What is known about the pathway in
model organisms? Were model organisms important in gaining an understanding of the pathway?
What biological techniques were important in delineating the pathway? What was the timeline of
discovery? How well is the pathway understood? What are the current areas of research being
pursued in regard to this pathway? Is the pathway implicated in disease? Is there a family of
proteins involved in the pathway? Does the pathway exhibit different characteristics in different
tissue? How well is the pathway defined? What research tools are available to study this pathway?
What aspects of this pathway are shared with other signaling pathways? Who were the key people
who contributed to understanding the pathway?

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