Personality Theory Paper Select a fictional character from history, television, or film Custom Essay

Oneness System Pamphlet Select a fictional sign from narrative, television, or film. Prior plaudit from the instructor of your clarified sign is required. Film selections may include: · The Blind Side · Rudy · A Beautiful Mind · Pursuit of Happy-ness · Fearless · The Fisher King · Fatal Attraction · What encircling Bob? · Girl Interrupted Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word pamphlet in which you irritate your clarified sign’s oneness using single theorist or system from each of the coercionthcoming columns: Column A Column B Column C Jung Allport Five-factor design Adler Cattell Object kinsmen Freud Kelly Maslow Horney Ellis Sullivan Search the University Library, the System Tables Learning Team Assignment, and other media coercion knowledge on each of the theorists or theories you clarified. Describe the concatenation among the sign’s oneness and the system used to teach it using pertinent knowledge such as frequented quotes, descriptions of vivacity events, examples of interpersonal bearing, and so on. Include the coercionthcoming in your pamphlet: · A scanty entrance outlining the demographic and elucidation knowledge of the clarified sign · An evaluation of how each of the clarified oneness theorists or theories teachs the oneness of the clarified sign · A argument of how the clarified sign’s bearing government be interpreted apart, depending on which hypothetical approximation is used · A argument of the space to which each clarified theorist or system would harangue pertinent collective, cultural, environmental, biological, or uninformed factors that may be influencing the sign’s bearing Coercionmat your pamphlet agreeing with APA guidelines.

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