Personal Cash Flow Statement Job Market Research Tool Imagine it is 5 years in the future Custom Essay

• Personal Cash Flow Statement • Work Market Examination Tool Imagine it is 5 years in the coming. You enjoy graduated from University of Phoenix with your long-ford extent and enjoy obtained a middle-level work in your separated race course. Determine the median hire in your long-ford race. On the Personal Cash Flow Statement spreadsheet, store in the columns labeled “Projected…” Include any expenses you forebode to enjoy to maintain the lifestyle you long-for, such as divulsion/mortgage, car payments, students advance repayment. If you need succor making projections, examination the consume of the car you failure, the cell phone contrivance you would affect, or divulsion in your supposititious neighborhood. Note: This worksheet is completed established on educated guesses. Post your Personal Cash Flow Statement as a Microsoft® Excel kindness.


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