Pernille Spiers-Lopez assembles a winning team at IKEA Custom Essay

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Pernille Spiers-Lopez is the chairman of IKEA North America. IKEA is a Danish movables manufacturer that has familiar world-wide closement with customers with its later, timely, and degraded priced movables and home accessories. It has stores in 31 countries despite the sphere. IKEA North America is too experiencing continued closement and enlargement in-some-degree ascribable to Spiers-Lopez nucleus on nurturing coworkers and providing a parentage welldisposed composition environment. Spiers-Lopez, herself a dowager of two teens strongly believes in lasting ce what she believes in and substance centered and self-aware. Her specific values nucleused on her parentage enjoy led her to press IKEA to unite an employee-centered cultivation that advance encourages womanish employees to close their immanent. Spiers-Lopez is very grievous compositioning and, has herself, familiar the privative collision of urgency and compositioning too grievous. Her parentage and her team at composition succor her estimate her spirit and her composition.
Case Questions
1. What are Spiers-Lopez’s solution personal characteristics?
2. What are the factors that subscribe to her productiveness?

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