One of the high points of the campaign will be a look to the future of Healing Hands Hospital Custom Essay

One of the exalted points of the belligerence allure be a seem to the advenient of Healing Hands Hospital. Mr. Wood asks you to succor the PR committee end up with some ideas that can be used in the belligerence.
Create a PowerPoint bestowal (4–6 slides) outlining some options that the advenient may delay control Healing Hands Hospital. Enclose the subjoined notification in your bestowal:
Advenient vigor concern trends
Part II
Healing Hands Hospital is preparing financially control the multifarious unanalogous acquittal changes associated with Mediconcern Advantage Plans. You and your financial team feel been asked to evaluate your running billing and operations workflow processes to incorporate the running trends.
Submit a 700-word dissertation outlining the financial trends control Healing Hands main financial manager and team, and enclose the subjoined:
Average extension of remain and its contact on the organization’s budgetPatient atonement and acquittal opportunities
Re-admission rates and their movables on acquittals Enclose a stint of 3 beyond sources, and be strong to muniment your references using APA controlmat

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