Nursing Conceptual Model Presentation Custom Essay

Nursing Conceptual Type, On Katharine Kolcaba’s Theory of self-satisfaction which standsummit on holistic circumspection. just a 12-slide PowerSummit exhibition about the type. Include:
1. A unimportant overview of the nursing conceptual type selected
2. Explanation of how the nursing conceptual type incorporates the lewd metaparadigm concepts
3. Interpret at smallest three specific ways in which the nursing conceptual type could be used to emend nursing habit. Elaborate, interpret, or caress each summit mentioned.
4. Provide prevalent trustworthy sources to fir truth ce the exhibition.
Requirements ce PowerSummit are as follows:
1. 10 slides ce content
2. 1 slide ce references
3. 1 slide ce the denomination, which is to include: a) Denomination of the exhibition, b) Names of the CLC assemblage members, and c) Date!!!
4. Accompanying debater notes elaborating on the notice contained in each slide.
IMPORTANT: This enactment uses a grading rubric. Instructors achieve be using the rubric to measure the enactment; accordingly, students should criticism the rubric ceegoing to preparation the enactment to grace conversant with the enactment criteria and expectations ce happy example of the enactment.

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