Northeast, Southeast, Central and West. Each sales person is expected to sell the same amount of products Custom Essay

Company W is trialing a sales software. Their sales vehemence of 500 tribe is disconnected into immodest tract-of-lands: Northeast, Southeast, Central and West. Each sales individual is expected to hawk the selfselfsame sum of products. During the terminal 3 months, singly half of the sales representatives in each tract-of-land were dedicated the software program to succor them wield their contacts. The VP of Sales at WidgeCorp, who is pleasant with statistics, wants to comprehend the potential void and choice hypotheses control a non-parametric trial on this axioms using the chi-square disposal. A non-parametric trial is used on axioms that is ascititious or demonstrative, such as gender, generation class, tract-of-land, and tint. It is used when it doesn’t construct judgment to observe at the balance of such variables.


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