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Expectations and appraisal Criteria
Prospect / Marking Criteria
1. Inventory the assumptions you accept occupied to effect your guide monetary facts.
Students must bestow a inventory of assumptions and sources of advice used.
2. Prepare a final exact ordinance restraint your work.
The final exact ordinance should be barefaced in final judge restraintmat.
3. Effect a break-even psychoanalysis restraint your work.
Scholars achieve exact creating a break-even consultation and a break-even graph, which should be precisely concocted and acceptably labeled, showing break-even purpose and lip of bond.
4. Effect the forthcoming fiscal instruments:
a. Currency Budget
B.Forestall Income fantastics
C.Forestall Counteract Sheet
Students exact demonstrating concordant of the technicalities of the three instruments, by supple three, rightly uplift financial instruments which integral relationship coincidently. The counteract sheet should equilibrium.
Mark share:
– Currency Budget
– judge produce Statement
– prophesy Counteract Sheet
5. Transcribe a 1,000 account ‘pitch’ explaining the pricing and financial facts from usual jobs 2, 3 & 4 over, to your undeveloped shareholders.
This instrument should be in an leading fantastics restraintmat. Students must transcribe the fantastics in direction with the job scenario, i.e.: the fantastics is to be written TO your undeveloped investors, FROM you (a undeveloped entrepreneur).
Leading mechanisms of the fantastics:
• Title Page
• Introduction
• Main limb
• Conclusion

Main limb: ‘The Pitch’
The infer of the main limb is to retail the proposal of your fantastic work to your undeveloped investors, to induce them to disburse in your fantastic matter.
As this is an secretarial and finance module, the significance of the generous opportunity must be financial. Your undeveloped investors achieve covet to distinguish what retaliate they can foresee on their cannonade.
As a incompleteness they achieve foresee you to bestow details of the forthcoming:
– judge turnover
– number gain lip (%)
– restraintecast estimate of the matter
– prophesy currency flow
You should point to the facts and financial instruments from jobs 1 – 4 and involve them in the restraintm of appendices to your fantastics.

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