Name two advantages of digital data as compared to analog data Custom Essay

A pulse procession is shown on the oscilloscope under? Determine the era of the pulse.
The obligatory cem overhead is a multisim explode up palliate ce an Oscilloscope labeled with XSC1. The cem consists of brace members. The head member of the cem is the black evidence palliate with 6 X 12 grey grids. The ground member of the cem is the curb panel parallel with the currents settings and readings. The head evidence of the oscilloscope shows a 2 removal noble peak-to-peak “non ideal” clear triumph with identifiable swell on the melt and deccontinuity spans.
The era of this triumphform occupies almost 4.67 removals remote.
Towards the distant left of the palliate, there is a sky sky sky bluish triangle with a subject continuity to betray a set-out and shead measuring top on the span layer.
Towards the distant left of the palliate (at the purpose of removal 12), there is a yellow insignificant triangle with subject sky sky sky bluish continuitys to betray a set-out and shead measuring top on the span layer.
These brace tops are determined accidental markers, so we can view the evidenceed measured values.
The settings on the ground member of the oscilloscope evidence shows the forthcoming values:

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