My Body as a Map of My Life (Meso level analysis) Custom Essay

1. Select two ads: one from women’s and one from men’s magazines that represents dominant societal messages. Mount these ads on 8 x 11 pages. Compare and Contrast meanings using two course concepts and two course readings. Consider the following questions to prompt your analysis of dominant race, class, gender ideologies embedded within advertising:
How do these messages relate to identities you have internalized and therefore try to perform?
Are models representative of general population in age, sex, and appearance characteristics? Explain.
What activities are presented? How are props and background used? What physical positions do models assume? Is this position natural, posed, or distorted?
Is there a relationship either implicit or explicit between models and product performance claims? Is something more than the product being sold?
Try and imagine substituting females for males and males for females in the ads. Try switching race and class. Does the ad still make sense? What power inequalities become apparent? Explain.

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