mention either TTTC or author Tim O’Brien before the fourth sentence of your introductory paragraph Custom Paper

You may not mention either TTTC or author Tim O’Brien before the fourth sentence of your
introductory paragraph. You may, however, take an especially poignant event or quotation from
the novel for your hook. Be careful not to use it for more than a hook, and to get the most credit
possible, as always, weave your hook throughout your essay, particularly in the transitions
You must have an engaging hook
Your introduction must go from general to specific
You must have a transition between your hook and the rest of the intro and between the intro
and your thesis
Your thesis must be clearly stated in the final sentence of introduction; you may or may not use a
You must weave your hook through your paper, particularly through well written transitions that
appear at the beginning of paragraphs 2-5
Each body paragraph must have a topic sentence that supports your thesis
One body paragraph will deal with verisimilitude and why �facts� from history may not seem as
honest as those from fiction; one will deal with story truths and one with happening truths. These
three body paragraphs may be in any order. Arrange them so your paper flows well.
Your conclusion will be a personal family story that illustrates how story truths are more accurate
than happening truths and how that story truth may have influenced the �facts� of your life. If
you have no such story, you may make one up, remembering and demonstrating verisimilitude.

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