Media and society (A history and study of information networks and their influence on society Custom Paper

In this paper you will trace the influence of communication networks on society. Be sure you know what a network is. It is not a single newspaper, a radio station, a book publishing company, etc. Though the post office was an early form of network, we are not going to discuss it here (and do not use it as an example) because it does not relate much to mass media.

In your paper:

1. Describe the rise of networks for the newspaper industry. Name at least two early ones and indicate whether each was a profit making business or a “collective.” Describe the purpose of those networks and their impact on the news industry.
2. Next indicate how networks affected the early radio industry. How did they change the way Americans listened to radio?
3. Then talk about television networks and their impact on broadcast TV and, later, on cable TV. Be specific and use examples.
4. Next talk about computer networks and their influence on communications media today.
5. Be sure to talk about the direction of communication in all of the networks you describe. Which ones were primarily one-way (we send, you receive) and which where two way (information can be exchanged both ways)? For one-way networks indicate the very limited possibilities for reverse communication (often called “feedback”).

6. Next, discuss how education and libraries have been, or are being, affected by networks. Did you use networks for library research? Were these foreseen long before computers? Be specific on these points.
— WRITE A 5-7 PAGE PAPER ON THIS (more is better) not counting your footnote/bibliography page.

— BE SURE you reference each of the following authors in a citation that relates to networks and automated learning:

Tony Schwartz
Tim Berners Lee
Ted Nelson
Vannavar Bush

R. Buckminster Fuller Of course, reference other authors as well.

In addition to citing Schwartz, Fuller, Somers (our “texts”) use other supporting materials — at least 9 additional sources total of which three, not counting our textbooks, must be printed, not online, sources.

Only one citation, at most, can be from Widipedia.

FINALLY: Be sure to cite every statement you make. Do not give your own opinion. Just report on your research findings and cite where you found the information. This is a research paper, not a personal essay.

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