Maslow’s Theory of Needs Custom Essay

In this course, you have discovered that when individuals have needs that are not met, they are motivated to behave in ways that will satisfy their unmet needs. One theory of needs satisfaction was proposed by Abraham Maslow. This theory suggests that people are motivated to fulfill certain needs before they are motivated to satisfy other needs. Maslow identified five categories of needs and proposed that they are satisfied in order from the lowest level to the highest level. The lowest level is physiological need, followed by need for safety, need for belonging, need for esteem, and need for self-actualization. A person may go through life without reaching the highest level, self-actualization. Self-actualization is the need to meet your true potential. For example, consider a natural-born artist who works as an accountant to earn a living. If the artist does not make time to use his artistic skills, he will be unable to satisfy his need for self-actualization.
David Lester created the Need Satisfaction Inventory to measure satisfaction of needs in each of Maslow’s categories. If you take the inventory and discover that your satisfaction of needs at the lower levels is greater than your satisfaction of needs at the higher levels, your results are consistent with Maslow’s theory.

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