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The assignment is a marketing research report. So this assignment will be in a report format. Word limit is 4000 words (table of content, executive summary and reference list is not included in the word count). You need to critically evaluate and determine the most adequate methodology to utilize in this study. You also need to specify how you would operationalise/design the research. I will upload 3 files for you to view. The first file is the assignment instruction where you will know the background of the assignment. Case, questions, format instructions are in there. The second file is the Assignment rubric. You need that file to see whether the work you have done meets the expectation requirement to achieve a high mark. The third and last file is a Marketing Research Proposal that will give you a basic idea of how to do the assignment. Please read all three files CAREFULLY. Read it more than once if you have to.
You must understand what you have to do before starting.
This is a 3rd year subject, so it requires lots of thinking. You need to provide pros and cons. For
example under the ‘Examples of type of research are descriptive, exploratory, qualitative and
quantitative. So you talk about the pros and cons about them and decide which type suits best.
Why you chose it and why is that method the most suitable in the case’. You need to show the
lecturer that you have done in depth research. MOST IMPORTANTLY, whatever point you give be
sure to cite it to support your statement or argument. By simply assuming or writing whatever
without evidence means that you plagiarizing. Be sure to always cite the work. Be sure what you
cite must be from scholarly references.
Strictly understand all three files and you should be all good to do the assignment. All the
information needed regarding about the assignment, the assignment question and the assignment
format/structure is within the three files.
Please make the assignment look neat, easy to understand and informative.
Please also make sure that you use correct grammar and spelling. Structure of each sentence is
important. Please use academic language.
I have been a regular customer and i trust that you can deliver quality work.

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