MARKETING MIX STRATEGY ANALYSIS of Colgate toothpaste in Australia Custom Essay

MARKETING MIX STRATEGY ANALYSIS of Colgate toothpaste in Australia. The topic will send by file .pdf and the phase 1 will send by file .docx. Read through it and only do phase 2.
Please research Colgate toothpaste in Australia (not in US) when scripting the price and place/distribution.
All the sources should be from the websites that I can able to contact them as well as the report must have in-text references and orientation lists.
Most importantly, there are 13 bullet points in the marketing Mix Strategy Analysis, therefore, each bullet point should analysis seperately. Please look at the marking criteria -Phase 2 at page 7 and then do exactly the same as it required.
Finally, please pay attention to the inclusion of relevant visuals such as bullet points, diagrams, graphs, tables or charts to add value and support any narrative provided (see phase 1 for example).
Note: there is a submission requirement at page 4.
The Structure should follow like this:
1 Introduction
2 Market subdivisions
2.1 Coverage policy
2.2 Segmentation approach
3 Product policies
3.1 Three Levels of the manufactured goods
3.2 Product categorization
3.3 person Product Decisions
3.4 Brand tactic
4 Pricing policies
4.1 Price/value Strategy
4.2 Product- Mix Pricing approach
4.3 Price-modification Strategies
5 Place/allocation Elements
5.1 Marketing Channels
5.2 Distribution exposure Strategy
6 Promotional Strategies
6.1 Major Communication rudiments
6.2 Classifications of the accessible Media, Tools and Technologies
7 Conclusions
Finally, please read through the topic obligation and the phase 1 before preliminary to write. Try to search the product toothpaste in Australia as well as don’t write a very long paragraph (better using projectile points and visual to create the report more motivating to read).

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