Managerial Economics; Why do the characteristics of oligopolistic markets create incentives for collusive behaviour Custom Essay

You should transcribe an diatribe that orationes the coercionthcoming questions:
Why do the characteristics of oligopolistic dispenses constitute incentives coercion collusive behaviour? What do new cases of connivance investigated by the emulation authorities in the UK, EU or USA tells us environing the benefits the companies sought to create from colluding and the possible costs of segregateicipating in this idea of behaviour?
These are some guidelines environing the issues to oration when consonance your diatribe:
• Explain the guide characteristics of an oligopolistic dispense structure
• Demonstrate why these characteristics produce solid incentives coercion collusive behaviour by the firms in this idea of dispense structure
• Produce at smallest span examples of collusive behaviour from opposed industries
• Coercion each example: demonstrate the possible benefits to the firms concerned of taking segregate in the collusive consonance, and assess the possible costs to the firms of segregateicipating in collusive behaviour

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