Make an argument about the goals of Columbus in 1492 and how they were related to European impact in Americas from 1492 to 1599, and why this was significant Custom Essay

1/ Introductory Paragraph/ main argument
2/ Paragraph regarding goals: analyze how “Columbus Diary” reveals Spanish goals in 1492 (use 3 different specific examples from ” Columbus Diary”) Compare to similar English goals using specifics 2 terms in (American Promise textbook such as Norse/Vikings, Portuguese explore: Dias and Da Gama; Columbus’ voyages for Spain, Tainos, Treaty of Tordesillas (pages 87, 45, 47-map)) and 1 film example from “Roanoke”
3/Paragraph regarding impact: Analyze the various results of European arrival in the Americas, and Native peoples’ reactions, using 3 different specific examples from” Mexican Indians Describe Conquest” and specifics 2 more terms ( such as French: Verrazano, Cartier, English: Frobisher/ Cathay company, Raleigh, Roanoke)
2 sources: Columbus Diary and American Promise textbook
For terms, use specifics from American Promise, NOT same terms as sources

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