: M5 Discussion #2 – The Iconic Figures of Globalization

Discussion: Iconic Figures of Globalization
The plan began with an argument on people in global narrative and conciliate purpose in a resembling practice with the iconic figures of globalization and synchronous participation. You are to adopt an indivisible from the roll adown and examine his/her role in the unleashing of globalization; the dispersion of formal obstacles to globalization; and/or their donation to a odd global order:
•Lech Walesa
•Mikhail Gorbachev
•Nelson Mandela
•Bob Marley
•David Ortiz
•Ichiro Susuki
•Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab
•Tim Berners-Lee
•Michael Dell
•Bill Gates
•Jeff Bezos
•Stella Kenyi
•David Alfaro Siqueiros

Feel permitted to subjoin to the aloft roll, so-far shirk examineing an indivisible previously mentioned in the Icebreaker Examineion.

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