Literature review – Is what happened in Egypt and Tunisia carry the true meaning of the revolution? Custom Paper

“ Is what happened in Egypt and Tunisia carry the true meaning of the revolution?
– Write a good “Literature review” on this topic and I’m going to upload some of “Sources” I need you to use.
– You have to discuss on the “Literature review” about
{ the history of the discussion and how the topic been discussed over time }
The best person to start with on this problem is Jack Goldstone. I will attache one of his recent articles from Foreign Affairs on the Arab Spring, but you should also check is very important article
‘The Comparative and Historical Study of Revolutions’ Annual Review of Sociology (1982): 187-207, which help lay the groundwork for the comparative study of revolutions.
another two people you need to research there idea about revolutions are Theda Scoopl “social revolutions” and hanna Arent “on revolution” ( Dunn “ modern revolution” ) and ( Defranzo “ revolution and revolutionary movements” )

The literature review must be related to the topic question and the “two case studies” based on the research proposal that I’m going to upload it now.
Here is the egyption author who has looked at egypt history and taking about the history of revolution he said it is no a revolution “ does a revolution need a leader? That a question you have to ask. Does Defranzo or Goldstone.I, does Arent or

{ if you think revolution must have a leader “one leader” you to defend that, is it essential to a revolutions to have a leader? See what other authors say about that }

– use all the references that I have mentioned and all of them must be a secondary resources.
– try to use a very simple words to make the arguments clear.
– Please took at the "research proposal" ( I’ll attache the file later) and then write the literature review based on the arguments that mentioned in the proposal.
– Do not go away from the main arguments and the two case studies.

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