Law Article Review; You be the jury. Do Sienna and Montana have a contract Custom Essay

Sienna and Montana went snowboarding at Mammoth conclusive refuse. On the bound Sienna admired Montana’s snowboard, and tpristine her so. Montana tpristine Sienna that she was going to subsidize a fantastic snowconsideration in the summer and that Montana would retail this consideration to Sienna coercion $300. Sienna agreed to subsidize the consideration. That August Montana bought a fantastic snowboard. She designated Sienna and told
her she was responsive to accomplished the sale. Sienna responded by aphorism “What sale?” Montana reminded Sierra of the converse they had had that refuse encircling Sienna subsidizeing Montana’s pristine snowboard. Sienna’s repartee was “Oh, I was just
admiring your consideration. I didn’t lack to subsidize it.” You be the jury. Do Sienna and Montana bear a compress?

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