Language Culture and Society Custom Paper

Sapir and Whorf (1956) brought attention to the relationship between language, thought, and culture. Neither of them formally wrote the hypothesis nor supported it with empirical evidence. However, through a thorough study of their writings about linguistics, researchers have found two main ideas. First, a theory of linguistic determinism that states that the language one speaks determines the way that one will interpret the world. Second, a weaker theory of linguistic relativism that states that language merely influences one’s thoughts about the real world.

In his introduction to Whorf’s body of work, Carroll (1956) suggests a reason why so much attention and controversy surround the theory of linguistic relativism. Carroll states, "Perhaps it is the suggestion that all one’s life one has been tricked, all unaware, by the structure of language into a certain way of perceiving reality, with the implication that awareness of this trickery will enable one to see the world with fresh insight" (Carroll, 1956, p. 27).

1. Explain the above quote as follows:

a. Summarize the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis (using at least two articles in the course site and any academic sources of your choice related to the issue).

b. Present one of the dilemmas which the Hypothesis introduces, review it and present your opinion.

Note: Each part is 50% of the assignment.

Pay attention to correct citing within the text and writing of references at the end of the paper.
The assignment should be approx. 1000 words, font 12, 1.5 spaces, and include a cover page with your name, identity number, course name, school, etc.

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