Language and Mind Custom Paper

You need to answer FIVE of the following questions in your own words. The word
limit is 200 words per answer, though you can remain 10% below the limit or go 10%
over. Remember to add the word count after each answer. (References do not count
towards the final word count.)
Note: Remember to use references appropriately, i.e. the references must be of good
quality and the reference list must be properly formatted. (You can find the Style
Sheet on the Linguistics website, as I demonstrated in class).
1. Explain the basic ideas behind the priming methodology used in psycholinguistic
research. Then explain, in your own words, what is meant by the following: lexical
priming, syntactic priming, masked priming, morphological priming, and semantic
priming. In each case, please provide accurate examples to illustrate your points.
2. In your own words, describe in a clear fashion what is meant by “categorical perception”?
Provide an example from speech perception.
3. What is the difference between “bottom-up” and “top-down” information? After defining
these concepts, describe your own examples.
4. In your own words, briefly describe the main ideas behind Coltheart’s Dual-Route Model
of Reading.
5. What is the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon and what does it tell us about the process of
lexical retrieval?
6. What is the difference between serial and parallel (interactive) models of sentence
7. When resolving syntactic ambiguities what kinds of information are used, and when?
please note: one or two references per question

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