It is an informative report on local food/farming effort, or slow-food initiative Custom Paper

Writing Project 4: The Informative Report
Throughout this semester, we have been studying issues in Food Politics that very often take a negative
angle: “This is bad for us, this causes obesity, our food sources are endangered, we must do something
about this…”
being done. You were assigned the task of exploring the web for actions people are taking on a local level
to change the way that they eat.
TASK: Write an informative report on a local (Toledo,Ohio) food initiative, a slow-food movement, or a farming alternative.
A lot of possibilities lie in these categories. Deciding on what you want to write about will be the tough part.
CHOOSE something! I sent you on a web exploration last week and in Week 8. Hopefully you can draw
something from those suggestions. I have also had students write this project on “high-rise” farms, urban
farming, restaurants that serve only grass-fed meats, window farming, the University of Toledo garden,
Toledo Grows…Detroit‟s many urban gardens, etc… I wonder if there is any farming projects on
Pinterest…that might be interesting to explore…
If you haven’t yet decided a subject for your report, search for websites of information on:
 Local food movement and your city or state
 Farmers Markets and your city or state
 Organic growers and your city or state
 Food Co-op and your city or state
 Grain-fed beef, grain-fed poultry, grain-fed cattle and your region
 Community gardens and your city or state
 CSA (community supported agriculture)
 Health Food Markets/ Health Food Stores
 Grow Food, Not Lawns: ON FACEBOOK—a group of 242 million people. Pretty interesting images
and projects.
Local Harvest can be a helpful site: (NOTE, you can click on the map, pinpoint
your community, and get a basic list of all the registered local food farmers.)

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