Intelligence and Law Enforcement: Identify the pros and cons of ILP and your evaluation of whether state and local law enforcement should adopt such a program Custom Paper

1. From your analysis of the readings identify the pros and cons of ILP
and your evaluation of whether state and local law enforcement should
adopt such a program

ILP or intelligence led policing is model in which intelligence is
utilized to effect the overall policing of a unit. This method has a lot
of advantages as long as the there is constant communication between
those analyzing the intelligence and the officers ot in the field at the
tactical level. Effective communication ensures the ability and
motivation is present to accomplish the mission. The method of ILP
creates a tactical advantage in that it creates a proactive approach.
Officers in the field tend to have a reactive approach but the ILP
method gives them a starting point and a direction to follow.

One drawback to this method is that there could be a lot of wasted time
in analyzing intelligence reports that might not be there It is
important that the focus of the agency has a distinct balance between
gathering and utilizing intel for policing and tactical enforcement with
the basic knowledge an officer is trained with.

2. Based on your analysis of the readings, what is your assessment of
the current capability to share information and connect the dots and are
there additional efforts that need to be undertaken?

Sharing information has been an ongoing issue between agencies but has
gotten a lot of attention since 9/11. Agencies have the capability to
share information and cross paths of intelligence and reports, but a lot
of times they choose not to. When 9/11 occurred, this created a complex
operations that involved tons several thousand of intelligence reports
and hours of analysis. Most agencies had a lot of similar information
which were reviewed several times by multiple people. Had these agencies
shared their information, this would have sped up the process of
analysis and ulltimately save man hours. Furthermore, if mltiple
agencies cooperate with each other, they can jointly tackle several
complex missions at a time by a cohesive team approach.

The government recognized this issue and started putting polcies and
regulations in place. Agencies like the FBI and CIA cross share the
information they gather and utilize each other’s resources to enhance
their capabilities. These agencies have continued to forward
intelligence reports and analytical data which has improved our overall
planning and response to various terrorists attacks.

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