“In Western society the poor are now, for the first time in history, proportionately the most obese sector of the population.” Custom Paper

6. Once you have received feedback on your outline, you need to continue researching from both
web and paper-based sources. Find source materials (a minimum of 10 for IFY/IY1 and a minimum
of 15 for Pre-Masters) to support the points you wish to make. At least half of your chosen sources
should be books or journals.
7. Make sure you record the information you need from your reading for the list of references.
8. As we go through the term, you will have classes on many different aspects of academic work,
which you must apply to your essay, in order to achieve success. You must show that you have
absorbed and are at least starting to apply the patterns, concepts and approaches of UK academic
work which we have covered throughout the ESUS modules. Your essay must follow the rules of
extended cohesive and coherent academic writing, including an effective introduction, clear
signposting and a complete concluding section. Your essay must show powers of analysis and not
be purely descriptive.
9. Write the assignment, making sure that all source material has been used safely and is
appropriately referenced.
10. Remember to check your work for mistakes.
11. Your work should be word-processed and double-spaced. Please use “Arial” or “Times New
Roman” font size 12. Use the word count facility on your PC, not including your title page or
reference list.
12. This must be your own work and plagiarism will be penalised. You should sign and submit the
Submission of Coursework Declaration with your work.

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