In this module SLP, you need to conduct the primary research for your marketing plan Custom Paper

Primary Research
You will have to conduct personal in-depth interviews with individuals
who are representative of its proposed target market. The purpose of
conducting these interviews is to make sure that you are on the right
track with your marketing plan. One of the biggest fallacies in
marketing is often that a manager �thinks s/he knows what members of the
target market know, believe, and do.� The development of a useable
marketing plan, however, has to be based on consumer input.

Once you have completed your primary research efforts, you will need to
revisit your situation analysis and your SWOT analysis. It is very
likely that you overlooked specific factors that need to be added to
these analyses.

Qualitative Research: Personal In-depth Interviews
For the purposes of this marketing plan, you will focus on one target
market only.

Qualitative research is a first step to make sure that the issues you
have identified are issues as perceived by your target audience.
Qualitative research will give you insights into what consumer actually
think, know, and believe. This type of research will also allow you to
investigate how consumers describe their behavior and why they do what
they do. It further allows you to gain information on how difficult it
would be to get consumers to accept new product; to learn which
communication methods would be most productive; and which incentives
would be most successful with a specific consumer group. Finally, the
results of qualitative research provide input for your marketing plan.

For this part you will have to develop an interview questionnaire and
then conduct the interviews. Keep in mind that you will need at least
three consumers representative of your proposed target market to
participate in these interviews. Finally, you will need to report the

The following is a list of issues you should address (this is not a
complete list, because the issues are likely to differ from project to
project). The example here is a marketing plan you are going to develop
in order to successfully introduce Apple iPad4. The goals you have
developed are for your target audience to promote awareness of new iPad4
and encourage purchase intention:

What would your target market rather buy than the product you are
promoting and why?
What benefits do your target customers see to them? It might be that
they like the reputation of the company, or something else you need to
identify in the interviews.
What costs do your target customers see to them? They might think the
higher price or something else you need to identify in the interviews.
What does your target market know about the new brand?
Are target customers familiar with brand?
Are target customers familiar with the new features of the new brand?
Do target customers know about competing brands that provide similar
features and benefits?
What does your target market believe? What are your target market�s
values and attitudes relative to the desired behavior?
What benefits do target customers see in the new brand? �What�s in for
them� to do this? If having a reputable brand to show their social
status is more important than the price, then you will have to design
messages accordingly in your marketing plan.
What do target customers perceive the costs of buy the new brand?
What other issues do the customers consider when purchasing the new brand?
Make sure to develop the interview questionnaire based on the situation
analysis, SWOT analysis and the specific charge for your research
project. Note that only a properly designed interview guide would
provide useful insights for your marketing plan.

Here is an example of interview questionnaire.

For this section�s written report, you need to address the following issues.

Explain where and how you collected your data. In other words, how did
you recruit your subjects? Keep in mind that your subjects should be
representative members of your target market. So your parents, friends
and neighbors are generally not to be recruited as subjects. If you have
difficulty to reach those target population due to your special
situation, contact your professor to get permission to collect data from
your family members, friends, colleagues and etc who easily accessible
by you.
State how many subjects (at least 3 for this project) you interviewed
and describe your sample in demographic terms.
Give a summary of the answers to each question.
Include an interpretation of the results: what impact are your findings
likely to have on the attempted charge?
Also, include a copy of your interview questionnaire in your Appendix.
Expectations on Your Module 3 SLP
Use the following outline to organize your paper. Note that the letters
�a, b, c�� and the numbers �i, ii, iii, iv�� in the outline below are
used to show the major issues you need to include in your paper and you
may not use these letters and numbers to organize your paper.

IV. Primary Qualitative Research (3-6 pages)

i. Identify that subjects and the research process

ii. Identify the purpose of your research

What issues did you want to study?
iii. Present the key findings

Questions used in this analysis should be included in the appendix.
Complete report of each interview should be included in the appendix
iv. Present a concise conclusion of what you learned

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