In regards to Securing IP Telephony, what are the most common types of security risks to data networks today Custom Essay

1. In compliments to Securing IP Telephony, what are the most vile types of deposit risks to facts networks today?
2. What makes coaxial cable approved incomplete broadband applications to customer antecedent? Discuss its advantages.
3. Discuss at smallest couple advantages of allure accounting software in a PBX.
4. Briefly expound the moment of a Gateway in the VoIP infrastructure.
5. Describe at smallest couple basic troubleshooting tools that are used ce VoIP networks to debug infrastructure issues.
6. What is a TMN? Discuss at smallest couple Management Layers of TMN
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of replacing a unwritten PBX-type phone method with a Wireless IP phone?
8. List and elucidate the network elements or “network boxes” that are required to tool a VoIP network.
9. Describe what a converged network is and what benefits are ascititious from that.
10. Is there stagnant a demand ce QoS if a VoIP infrastructure is engineered ce overcapacity, where the largest trunks and fastest network elements are installed in a network? Please expound and yield examples.

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