Impact of technology Case study Custom Paper

For this project, form an opinion about the ethical ramifications of toxic PCs and e-trash based on a real-life example or citing other sources. Please use credible resources to support your findings such as newspaper, journals, credible Internet sources, etc. Students can reference articles from the book, Technologies, Social Media, and Society or the CourseMate resource on Understanding Computers textbook Web site however; at least one other outside resource needs to be used as well.
Submit a summary, which includes new terminology learned and Address the following required elements within your summary:
• Provide a location of where a computer can be disposed of properly within your community.
• What is done with the computer once it is disposed?
• What role does responsible use play in this situation?
• How do the environmental issues regarding technology relate to health?
• What influence will health and the environment have on the evolution of technology?
• What impact will health and environmental issues regarding technology have on the economy?
• How will health and environmental issues regarding technology impact the future?
When writing your narrative, be sure to follow sound, academic writing principals. There should be an introductory paragraph explaining your topic and stating your opinion. The following paragraphs should be organized according to related ideas and work to provide support for your opinion that was stated in the introduction. A concluding paragraph should summarize what was discussed in your paper. The conclusion paragraph wraps up and finishes your narrative.
Be sure to proof read and edit for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Follow APA formatting guidelines when citing sources within your narrative and when creating your reference page.

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