Identity development & finding helping young adults find a path in life Custom Paper

The Path to Purpose" by William Damon for all 5
sources. He makes reference to other work done on the subject (Erik
Erikson, Freud, etc) and these are fine to use as well.

The topic analysis paper is an opportunity to delve into an area of
interest and discover the latest information (or controversies!) about
it as well as put together your own ideas about the topic. This will
involve library research, followed by analysis or synthesis of
information obtained and generation of your own thoughts, suggestions
for further research, etc. A list of suggested topics is given below. I
have references available to get you started on any of these, which I
will email to you if you selected one the below topics. Some of the
references are books, some chapters in a book, and some journal articles.
A paper of 6 – 8 pages

Topic Analysis Paper (100 points):

– Understanding concepts in readings; application to topic being
researched (60 points)
– Analysis of concepts in terms of underlying principles and/or
theoretical perspectives (10 points)
– Evaluation in terms of your own reactions (10 points)
– Suggestions/ideas for furthering work in this area – questions to pose
in further research (10 points)
– Language mechanics and overall presentation (10 points)

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