Human resources recommendation for improving the functioning of the Seattle solid waste utility Custom Paper

In the case study, “Customer service innovations at the Seattle Solid waste utility”, there was a myriad of policy decisions that plagued the Seattle solid waste utility, but the agency also faced mounting customer dissatisfaction from consumers and the press who were becoming more vocal about problems at the utility.

Choose 3 to 5 articles from the articles that have been attached. Use the research findings to create research based human resource guidance for management to improve the functioning of the Seattle solid waste utility. Please provide five recommendations which must be reinforced with research points from the articles. Please use in-text citations and provide a list of references.

Note: Do not use more than five research articles and do not include more than five recommendations. Each recommendation should receive about a page in which you apply the research findings and develop the argument. The paper should also include a brief introduction and conclusion putting the total page count at about 6 pages (not including the reference list.)

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