How would you measure both the victim count and the crime offense count for the Anders Behring Breivik mass murders? Custom Essay

How would you estimate twain the dupe estimate and the wrong wrong estimate restraint the Anders Behring Breivik concretion murders?
Discuss the hierarchy government and the petit triple murder
Compare and dissimilarity estimatement of wrong and offenders and estimatement of dupes in conditions of scantling, methodology, postulates gathering dissection, interpretations and remainder.
How would you estimate waste of life a dupe?
What suggestions do you possess restraint measuring and establishing a serviceable interpolitical postulatesbase restraint dupeization?
What actions and attitudes co-operate-with adjudication enforcement in measuring wrong dupeization?

If you quest the work in google itself, it is avalable to judgment there as the designation is in the subjet hustle. 


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