How to Create a Powerful Vision for Change Custom Paper

How to Create a Powerful Vision for Change students will select a topic that relates specifically to the subject matter of this course. While the professor will allow latitude in the subject selected it must however relate to course readings and discussions. The paper will be formal in nature with the student selecting a topic that has relevance and interest to the individual and may be work related. Students must provide no less than 10 citations and each of these citations must be from published journals and books. Students are encouraged to use the University Library which provides access to outstanding databases containing, journals, books and other scholarly publications all of which will support the student as they investigate their topic of interest. The paper should be no less than eight pages in length, not including references or cover page and students are expected to abide by APA guidelines. Students not familiar with APA guidelines are encouraged to work with library professionals to gain an understanding of the expectations of written work presented, using APA guidelines.

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