How to combat Cyberbullying and harrasment through Law Enforcement Custom Paper

◦ EIGHT pages (Main Body) Research Paper, a minimum of 2000 words is REQUIRED.
◦ Proper grammar and spelling are REQUIRED and will be part of your grade.
◦ Paper is to be written in Microsoft Word ONLY, NOT VISTA or WPS or WPA in the APA format and
have an Cover Sheet, Abstract, Main Body, Conclusion/Recommendations and Bibliography.
◦ ONLY one citation from your textbook and a minimum of four or more references from other
resources. Do NOT give me all of your references from the internet or you will lose points.
◦ Paper must have a Cover Sheet, Abstract, Main Body, and Bibliography (List of References). These
three pages are NOT counted as part of the eight pages for your main body of your paper.
◦ Paper cannot contain portions of papers you or someone else have previously submitted to this or
any other institution.
◦ No more than 20% of other author’s work, publications, internet, journals, encyclopedias, etc.
Your paper must be 80% original work or more specifically your words.
◦ Papers will be placed in the Assignment section of Blackboard. I will NOT accept papers attached
to an email. Three days after due date, I will not accept papers.
◦ Author’s work used in your paper must be properly cited.
◦ Paper must have eight pages in MAIN BODY, not counting cover sheet, abstract, and bibliography.

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