How motivated are female students, towards academic success, and career attainments Custom Essay

How motivated are female students, towards academic success, and career attainments? The effects of gender inequality amongst female students
How motivated are female students, towards academic success, and career attainment? The Effect of gender inequality amongst female students (feel free to make changes to the title)
This chapter lays out the review and critiques that literature has out there. Hence identifying the knowledge that the writer has and the gaps between them
This chapter should have no form of introduction to the topic of gender attainments. There would be an introduction chapter which i would request for later on.
When writing this review, policies that where put in place by the government over the years to support women academic attainment should be included. (I.e. legal and policy reforms)
Make references to education in the 50s up till the 70s when it was believed that women did less than boys in schools and jobs were not so open to women. Make reference to the shift in expectation, and what contribution this may have had.
Make mention of the changing aspirations, references to the theme “career attainment and success in response to the wider social shifts” – the upward trend.
Make reference to the present structure of the economy in comparison to the previous (i.e. 50s, 60s, and 70s) Trends of female employment in the UK over the past years, changes in the labor market and how this affected the aspirations of women. Use previous secondary and government data, include relevant tables and graphs.
Expatiate and analyze that “boys’ results have not declined; rather girls have improved much more rapidly, leaving their peers behind”. Make reference to the theme of ‘feminization of education’.
Include government data in relation to:- boy – girl academic and career achievement divisions in achievement by girls based on different ethnicity, class – socioeconomic status.
Make reference to ethnic divisions and achievements amongst women.
Also make reference to the concept of ‘boys as the new underachievers’. Give possible reasons for the increase in attainment of girls.
The theme of early socialization – may be in present times female children are getting more support form their parents and encouragement at large from the society.
Make mention of the influence female gender achievement has had on present students.
Back all themes up sociologically.
All themes and concepts should be properly examined and analyzed.
Subtitles could be out in place if necessary.
Please demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the kept concepts/ issues/ theories.
Strong analysis and understanding illuminating use of theory, The English should be very clear.
The essay must be well founded with well evidenced arguments and assertions. It should also be well structured, and should effectively and creatively develop a clear narrative.
Please get at me for anything more.
The above mentioned are a few of the main requirements that must be included. Please feel free to add other things you deem academically interesting and important. Thanks
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