Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Values are like an Accountant’s Guide to Cultural Differences Custom Paper

Implicit in the above statement is criticism of Hofstede’s approach to describing cultures using numerical values, an approach which some describe as essentialist. Does your personal experience in Budapest, Hungary, reinforce this criticism or have you found Hofstede’s systematic approach to be beneficial in understanding your own (Russian) culture and that of others?

In compiling your report, please address the following requirements:
a. In your Introduction, state your own point of view in relation to the above topic.
b. Support your position through Analysis comprising an equal balance of (i) personal experience and (ii) literature research. In the former, you should state clearly what you have learned about your own (Russian) culture from studying in Hungary. In the latter, you may include reference to other cultural models and theories (Trompenaars, GLOBE, Kulturstandard method etc. ) but you must justify your selection.
c. Finally, draw Conclusions from your Analysis and make Recommendations on how you will continue to develop your competence in Cross and Intercultural Commumcation and Management in the future. This should take the form of an Action and Learning Plan.

The marking criteria for the Assignment are as follows:
1) Structure and Report Presentation (10%)
2)Introduction (10%)
3) Analysis
i. Integration of Personal Experience (20%)
ii. Integration of Relevant Theory (20%)
4)Conclusions (20%)
5)Recommendations � Action and Learning Plan (20%)

Please note that your report should contain appropriate in-text referencing in the Harvard Style. Failure to reference key ideas and sources will result in deduction of points and, in severe cases, the rejection of papers.
Plagiarism will result in the automatic rejection of papers.

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