History 1302 Extra Credit Assignment Custom Paper

Extra Credit Assignment: Introduction to Primary Sources

In an effort to help you learn and appreciate historical primary sources, please visit the Rio
Grande Historical Collections (RGHC) from New Mexico State University online at
archives.nmsu.edu/ and choose a small research interest-topic from the Archives Photographic (http://archphotos.nmsu.edu/)
Collection. Instructions: First, type in a Keyword Search Topic (e.g., Mesilla), a Historical
figure (e.g., Geronimo /Mangas Coloradas), Fort Seldon, or Native American Reservations,
from the Southwest which you would like to research on, dating between the Civil War to the
Present. Second, archival pictures in reference to your research keyword interest, will become
available. Third, choose four to five pictures (You are not allowed to print or copy these pictures
in any format or method) and closely observe them. Fourth, Respond to the following questions:
1). What historical inferences can you make from each one? 2). What technological means are
visible? 3). What can you observe from the landscape?
4) What architecture styles (colonial, European, Native American, & Southwestern) are visible?
5). What nationalities are present? How do you know? 6). What time period is the picture from?
6). Location? Fifth, Make sure to include an Image No. a title, and file number for each picture

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