Heparin – drug, lab values, management of I.V heparin, Independent double checking


Develop a SMART letters view which includes cogitation on your action and developing a letters artfulness with views and actives.
1. Identify your letters needs
2. Develop SMART views
3. Identify and total your letters activities
4. Evaluate changes to your action
5. Reflect on your action and acquire feedback from colleagues.

There are suggestions to acceleration pilot your thought in the Action Thought worksheet at www.no.org/qa-resources.
My letters needs are:

1. Heparin – garbage, lab values, conduct of I.V heparin, Independent envelop checking.
2. TIA and Stroke
3. Review sustentation tubes and medications via sustentation tubes.

Provide 2 or 3 doctrines used in this enactment.

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