Henry Gonzales has been the manager of Quality Foods’ Seventh Street store for four years Custom Paper

Henry Gonzales has been the manager of Quality Foods’ Seventh Street store for four years. Henry is considered among Quality’s top managers for making the once-unprofitable store the sales leader of the company. Henry works hard and expects the same of all store employees. He emphasizes financial rewards for hard work and has initiated a pay incentive plan for supervisors who are able to cut costs or increase sales in their respective departments.

Henry was angry and upset when the personnel director for Quality informed him that two of his leading supervisors had requested transfers to other Quality stores. Didn’t they realize they were in the best of Quality’s stores and making more money than their counterparts in less profitable operations? Did they really need more of his time, as the personnel director intimated? Why should grown people need hand-holding? Didn’t they recognize that he was busy and always worked for the best interests of the store and his supervisors?

Henry wondered what he should do next. He felt inclined just to let them leave and see how they would like to work under another manager. On the other hand, they were good workers. Should he talk with them? What would he say?

Provide detailed responses to the three discussion questions found at the end of the case study.
Directly reference the theories of motivation you have learned about in this unit, and the 10 work-related evaluation items listed on page 176 of the text to help explain your thoughts, reasoning, and insights.

What Do People Really Want?

For the following ten work-related items, you will develop a ranking (1–10) of their importance to you and project how the person with whom you have been interacting will rank the items. You will then compare your self-rankings with your partner’s projection of your rankings and compare your projections with his or her self-rankings. Discuss the similarities and differences in rankings.

Remember, rank what is important to you and what you believe is important to your partner in a work environment.

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